Danene Groshak, Body Cast, Video & Restfully, Janan Chan, Poetry 2019

Morn Ing;

Li ghtthrough through curTaIns

brEz, elift

SounDvoiCes close(Ly ; sof ting

huMmm. ) familiar

Son,g of waking an,d smells izzle

lAdybaRe; ex h aus Ted; cannol oNg, ers L

eep n,eed LeaVebed

war; m

no More

h air smell o;f

BL ond e

stro kin g aRm, sta Ying Lon; Ger, go)

tOOs( Oon

c raDle hold;closer; ) Kis Sagai.n

Leth Er go,

(woman Ca;nn o lOnge R slee,pp .

M,ush wake

Spa RRow; fli;es throu,gh

chim mney

house, Petrified

cra) sH

; cra Sh; cras S h


TakesATumbledoW n;Oaks Tairs

blaNk Et s( to f Eel, SaFe;free to)