Let’s Play Doctor, Prudence Gendron & Hasret Emine and Kamiel Thomas, from And then Nothing Turned Itself Inside-Out, Photography, 2019


This place is perfect for my latex fetish
It is a palace of kink
I urinate into a cup in the gendered washroom
My visibly queer thoughts busy thinking about “institutions”
Finally all this Foucault is paying off
In a medically-induced contemplative mood I wander the hospital
There is feral population of men’s hands here A serious problem, one overworked nurse tells me
There is women’s pain everywhere

This place is dehumanizing
The doctor’s oath an absolute banger of oppression
Patients walk out of here nonhuman
Unable to perform basic functions like
Let’s play doctor
Let’s play dead at the doctor’s
Let’s play dress-up at the doctor’s
Our bodies a jeopardy question
Our bodies imagineered into cishet reality