Solastalgia Theme Call Out

When someone we love dies grief extends past ourselves into the spaces we inhabit. We are reminded of their presence on sidewalks that hold street corners that held their bodies. They linger in the casting of light on walls in rooms where their shadows reflected, and in the smell of the smokestacks in the town where you lived together. But what if you reorient the grieving, remove the friend and are only left with the environment that surrounded both you and them? Solastalgia is the psychic pain of environmental change.

When we love someone, whether we are aware of it or not, we see them by our side in the future. We may take for granted that they will be on street corners, that their shadows will always reflect back to us, that we will smell the soot in the air together. Solastalgia is grieving the loss of that future with our home. It is the pain and anxiety of becoming aware of not just the precarity of our lives and the lives of those we love, but also of the planet we inhabit. We want your language, visions, and sounds of solastalgia. We want to know how you are grieving your home and how that grief can bend to new futures.